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In Day-Boarding school the students not only complete their home work but also revise their syllabus under the supervision of subject experts. Moreover, weak students get personal attention of the teacher during this time. From the very beginning this system has produced excellent results. This Day-Boarding system helps us to achieve our objective of tuition free and home work free education. Day-Boarding system has proved so fruitful and beneficial for the people of this area that they have encouraged us to start the Boarding system also.

Sacred Soul Cambridge School is an English Medium co-educational CBSE Day-Boarding school. The concept of Day-Boarding is very useful both for the students and parents. Generally parents cannot devote their time to help their wards in their studies. It is either because of their busy schedule or some other personal problems. Consequently  students feel helpless & cannot produce the expected results.

The roots of education are very deep in the history of ancient India. In ancient india, education used to be imparted in the Gurukulas (residential schools) away from home, by gurus having rich knowledge of culture, religion and Vedas. Gurus and their teachings used to have an everlasting impression in the minds of the students. Great saints and scholars like Vivekananda were outcome of this system who became a source of inspiration for youth all over the world. Above shaloka defines five qualities of a student which are very much essential to lead a successful life.

Needless to say, modern education system has totally been changed in all aspects. Generally, students feel helpless, isolated and insecure after completion of their education. Moral values among students are eroding rapidly. Modern technology has an edge on everybody & how can students remain untouched from its influence? No doubt, mobile, computer, internet, motorcycle, cars etc. have made our lives easy and comfortable but excessive use of anything is always harmful.

All these things distract their concentration from studies and they become obsessed with mobile, internet, social media, computer etc. They become isolated and consequently, students become disobedient, errant and frustrated. Parents feel helpless before their wards. Here Boarding school can play a major role. Sacred Soul realizes needs of people and parents of the area and has taken an initiative to provide Boarding facility to the students. Initially, the school has decided to start hostel for boys ageing five to sixteen years on ‘No Loss No Profit’ basis.

Experienced staff will always be ready to help, guide and monitor the actions and behavior of the students. Language and communicative skills will be our prime concerns. Boarding system will help the hostellers in self control, development of character, social awareness and development of personality. A balanced menu and Time-Table will be followed strictly. All this will make the students not only self-reliant but also prepare them to face the challenges of life positively and confidently.


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