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Principal Message

“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create human who is capable of doing new things.“

The role of a school is to chase academic excellence as well as motivate and empower its students to become a lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society.

During my tenure at Sacred Soul Cambridge School, I had noticed the glorious trio of responsibility, innovativeness and dedication towards the students. This was evident everywhere like in classrooms, corridors, stage and playground. It was an immense pleasure for me to see the process of education thriving at the school and I am confident that our students are going to excel in life.

I firmly believe a curriculum goes much beyond the course outline since it prepares the student for life beyond the examination. Therefore, at Sacred Soul Cambridge School we aim to provide a broad, well balanced and relevant curriculum. We strongly believe that every child has the right to work in a peaceful, methodical, secure and protected environment.

Sacred Soul Cambridge School provides a stimulating and enriched environment, so that every child can enjoy all aspects of their learning. The school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extracurricular activities. Converting every individual into a self-reliant and global citizen, the school provides an amalgam of scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

While academic excellence is our major propel, the school is also devoted to prepare the students for life, groom them to face the challenges for tomorrow and encourage them to be socially pertinent. We constantly endeavor to live up this ideology and inculcate this into everything we do, with the aim that every child will grow with their full potential.

The parents play a vital role in molding the future of their children. Their consistent support allows us to do more. I pay my gratitude to them for keeping their faith in us.



-Mr. Tarsem K. Sharma

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