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About Sacred soul

Sacred Soul Cambridge School is situated on the link road of Aghar ka Talab to Gangath in Tehsil Nurpur of District Kangra, H.P. Nesting in pollution free, serene and peaceful ambience, the school shapes the personalities of the young ones and prepares them to face the challenges of life positively, calmly, and patiently.
To eliminate the demarcation between rural and urban schools, SSC School provides urban like facilities in the rural area. In order to avoid the traditional monotony of classrooms, the school stresses on the smart class, e-learning and computer based education.
Spacious, airy and big class rooms, well equipped composite science lab, maths lab, well stocked library, two play grounds surrounded by long green trees, dance, music, debate and so on are some of the features of the school. We are committed to maintain excellent teacher student ratio to ensure personal attention to every child. SSC School is proud to share that 100% parents of our students are satisfied.

Our Vision

At SSCS, the vision is to be the foremost centre of knowledge and education in the country, producing leaders of the future with a deep awareness of Indian ethos and a global philosophy and outlook.

It aims at giving a true vision of life to help each student face challenges in a positive and dynamic manner and empathetically contribute to society.

Individuals differ from each other due to their perception towards life, including their values and ideals. Building up the right vision in the students is creating a generation of educated and inspired people with a desire to work towards the development of mankind, thus enabling them to lead a meaningful life.

Our Mission

SSC School in Nurpur aims to impart world-class academic excellence, fully understanding the contemporary expectations of a 21st century educational institution.

SSC School in Nurpur aims to nurture diverse talents in the varied forms of art, music, dance and sports in addition to excellent academic prowess, thus promoting the all-round development of each child.

SSC School in Nurpur aims to inculcate the art of kindness to all forms of life as well as the values of truth, honesty, transparency and straightforwardness in thoughts and actions through consistent practice every day in study and play.

SSC School in Nurpur aims to motivate educators to be well informed, employ innovative teaching methodologies, and create meaningful learning experiences for the students.

For the all-round development of the students, the school focuses on:

To mould the character of our students, and groom them into balanced individuals, we work towards imparting what the World Health Organization describes as the nine major life skills:

Connect with us

Vill. Road (Aghar-Gangath Link Road), P.O. Panjahra, Tehsil Nurpur, Distt Kangra, Pin – 176051

  • dummy +91 9418674773 / +91 9816639077

  • dummy sacredsoulcambridgeschool@gmail.com


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